Sniffer Dogs

The use of Sniffer Dogs is becoming more accepted as a highly effective and highly mobile means of detecting contraband, explosives and weapons within the supply chain.

The pentagon spent billions of dollars trying to replicate the dogs nose and have finally accepted that the most efficient way of detecting contraband and explosives is that of a highly trained Detection dog team.

Implementing specialist detection dog teams such as explosives and drugs detection dogs can lower your overall screening costs without sacrificing safety.

Other screening technologies can be expensive and time-consuming. With a dog team you can move more cargo and baggage faster each day and they are effective with many types of cargo, from pallets and ULDs to loose or bagged cargo.

Our dog teams are active and experienced in Transport hubs, Cruise terminals, Airport Passenger and Cargo centres.

The teams are independently assessed and undergo monthly training sessions both practical and theory on new trends, explosives and methods used, they have experience of transport hub operations including aircraft and cargo screening having operated at a major air cargo hub in Dubai UAE and provided ongoing support to a number of  Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Teams operating within the Lagos Nigeria Murtala Muhammed International Airport Cargo facility.

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Sniffer Dogs - Concorde Airport Security
Airport Security Sniffer Dog
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